Sunday, February 05, 2012

it's good

Juergen showed the house in Leimen a few times this weekend. One of the couples was very nice. They loved the place. They will contact the bank to see if they can afford it. There was 2 more phone calls today about the house. So there is a big increase in interest. And the new floor Juergen and the boys put down on Saturday looks amazing! Hopefully it will sell. I've been thinking allot about the process of transitions. We walked into this transition a little overly optimistic. We hoped for a quick and smooth transition. And in many ways it was easy. But because the house in Leimen has not sold, and because we are still renovating the house to make it more attractive to buyers, the transition continues. And it makes us realize how little control we have. It is humbling. But I can see God is in this whole process. He is using it to train us to trust in him, not our own great wisdom or skill. I also see transitions happen in stages. And once you manage one stage, you can move to another stage. We shouldn't despise this process. It's normal. I will celebrate a conclusion to this whole drama. But I realize the process of transition continues. Jessica still doesn't have a school situation. And I still have boxes to unpack. I have a garden to build. Work remains. This is just one part of the process and I'm anxious to put it past us. And I feel we will see an answer soon. That will be so great! But it’s good even now!

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