Thursday, February 02, 2012

the power of the sun

It has been very dark and cloudy over the past few weeks. I'm sure that has contributed to my tired disposition. But today is different. It is very cold outside, but clear. I'm sitting in my warm living room. The windows are large, and the sunshine is wonderful! It really lifts my spirits. I bet two or 3 weeks walking on a Thai beach would be transformational! I wish, I wish! Maybe when we retire? I was meant to be a sunbird. Winter was never my thing! I'm sure I will not stand being in this living room in the summer time. It gets so much sun. But today it's a gift. I almost feel like crying as I write that. I feel the love of God and I know there is a real change of spiritual season. Something has been broken in the spiritual realm...and now we will see victory. I know that people are praying for us. I feel it. All I can do is thank you. And I do. Thank you for carrying us with your prayers.

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