Monday, August 25, 2008

A womens right to choose

One thing that really bothers me is the idea that all women are "pro choice". I'm a women and I am very strongly "pro life"!!! I hate it when I hear women politicians saying we should not consider anyone but Obama because he is the choice candidate! I've given birth two times. One of my children (Jessica) is considered 100% disabled. Her life has real value!!! I would never want people debating if they should or should not keep a child like Jess. I adopted 3 times, and would adopt again if I had enough money and a green light from Juergen. I am eternally grateful to the birth parents of Sarah, Philip, and Thomas. Perhaps their pregnancy's were not well planed or well timed...but the gave my kids life! How can anyone think they have the wisdom to deem one life more valuable or wanted then another life. Abortion causes all life to diminish in value! NOT ALL WOMEN ARE PRO CHOICE!!! I choose life!!! Yes it's my body, but the baby has a body too. What right do I have to kill their body? I understand not every women can raise a child they did not plan. I'm not unfeeling. I just believe abortion is not the answer! I'm so sick of women politicians speaking on behalf of all women. They speak for themselves...they do not speak for me!!! Obama himself was raised by a single mother. What if she had decided it was inconvenient to raise him? 40 million babies have been aborted in America. Imagine the talent that has been lost to the world because we decided they just were not wanted! Abortion also causes guilt and loss to the millions of women that have had an abortion. You may think once the medical operation is over that's the end of things. Women are left with a pain that often never goes away. Abortion is an assault to the conciseness of women! Often selfish men force women to have abortions. It's too crazy that the Democratic party protests a war that has killed 3,000 people and yet supports a war that has killed 40 million! I'm no lover of war, but I am a lover of life!!!

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