Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Pastor's Forum

I stayed up to watch the pastor's forum last night. It wasn't at midnight but from 2am until 4am (Oh my). It was good! Both men were very likeable. Obama answered very well. His answers were more academic and not very personal. McCain was very personal and gave very personal life stories (Obama quoted verse). Obama was not wrong, he just was not personal. You could not shut McCain up, he had story after story. You could see the depth of experience he has. I personally see this as the big difference between the two men. I think Obama is too young and academic about things. It's all theory to him. He does not have the experience to back up his plan for change. McCain brings more experience to the table then almost anyone could. He was great and I hope people could actually see that last night. They also have very different views on abortion and on judges. Since the new president will probably need to nominate new judges to the Supreme Court, I think Christian’s should not be too relaxed about who the next President will be. The laws and judges will last much longer then the next President.


Kelvin said...

Who’s Founding Fathers?

When the white man, McCain in this instance, invokes or speaks about the "founder fathers" whom is he addressing? Many would like to believe that this country was founded on "Christian" values. During that time women were treated as property and had little to no rights. Minorities were property and had no rights at all (but eventually received the right to vote even ahead of white women). The native people were demoralized as savages and subsequently exterminated (today this is referred to as genocide). Grandpa McCain provided scripted answers and story telling. Everyone knows that grandpas have many stories to share. McCain came off as a true pandering politician now he has to tow a fine line with the extreme right. He will fail like he did in his first marriage (i.e adultery)

Amy said...

Dear Kevin, McCain was honest when he said his first marriage was his worst moral failure. He was honest! He was humble and honest! Obama was vague and general. He basically said very little honest stuff about who he was or what he believed. McCain is not agents women or minorities. He named a woman as one of the people he respected the most. He adopted a "black" girl 17 years ago. That was not a political decision; it was a personal life value decision. He even stood up for immigration agents the will of his own party! You can not blame the entire American history on McCain. You can not honestly attribute all that is good to Obama. You need to judge each by their lives and even how they have learned from their failures! Are you so sure Obama has never committed adultery? Obama also failed as a young man. Why would you judge McCain so hard and not Obama?