Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Call

Thousands of Christians were in Washington DC today at The Call. They were calling for Washington to address issues close to their hearts.

Mike Huckabee, former GOP presidential candidate, former Arkansas governor and an ordained Baptist minister, made an appearance, telling the crowd he was appearing as a pastor, not a politician.
"It is easy to point fingers at the people who work and serve in this place, and to blame them for the problems that we face in this country, but the problems that this country has are with us, who claim we know the Lord but have not lived it, and we've not been as faithful," Huckabee told the crowd. "So, repentance and revival cannot start in the building behind me until it starts in the temple inside me,".

I'm staying up late to see what McCain and Obama have to say about their faith and values. It will be shown on CNN at midnight my time. Rick Warren will be interviewing them. I can not wait!

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