Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy 15th birthday sweet Nicole!

Today is Nicole's 15Th birthday. She is nearly 6 feet tall and 12 feet wonderful!!! We celebrated her birthday with a family breakfast. Tonight she will celebrate with her friends. They are going to see a movie and have dinner in the old town of Heidelberg. The years have gone by too fast. Do I realize it will not be long until she goes away to College? Why yes I do...and it freaks me out!!!! But I'm not thinking about 3 years from now, I'm trying to enjoy today. Today I am so blessed to have this child! All she could wish for was to go back to Mexico next year. As a gift, Juergen and I gave her some seed money towards her trip. This time Juergen plans to take her. Hopefully we can take some other kids from our youth group to Mexico next summer. When she finds the time I hope Nicole will write down some of her thoughts about her trip. For now I wish my baby a very happy 15Th birthday. I could not be more blessed, you truly are a gift from God!

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Life in Lewisburg said...

Happy birthday Nicole
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Nicole
Happy birthday to you.
Love, Shelley
Don't you love my singing? I'm on key and I'm filling the air with a sweet sound