Thursday, August 07, 2008


I took Jessica to America to receive prayer for healing. She received prayer on many different occasions. First we went to the healing room in San Diego. This is a place where people can go to receive prayer and personal prophetic counseling. It is associated with Bethel church in Redding California (Bill Johnson’s church). Jessica was almost asleep when they called her to go in for prayer. I had to wake her up. She was not so cooperative. They had written a verse down before she came in. They knew nothing about Jessica or her need. The verse was, "God has not given you a spirit of fear, but a sound mind". They prayed a short prayer for her. It was not so dramatic. Then a few days later we were at the prayer breakfast with Reinhart Bonnke. Bonnke laid hands on Jessica and prayed for her healing. I felt a charge of electricity shoot through me. Jess was very calm and peaceful after this prayer. That same evening we went to see Todd Bentley (Lakeland Revival). In this service Todd Bentley did not pray for individuals, but asked us all to ask God for our own healing. At one point in the service my friends Donna and Cindy both got up and began praying for Jess. After about 10 minutes of prayer, I felt like the Holy Spirit said "yes". I felt like our prayer was heard, and I just began to thank God for the answer. Jessica still is not healed, but I feel God heard us! In Oregon my Mom drove us to the Vineyard Church in Albany. This church is experiencing a revival. As we drove up to the church, there was another car that also drove up. It was a worship leader named Dave. I asked if a pastor was there. There was no one else there so I asked him if he would pray for Jessica. He said, "It is the same Holy Spirit" and so he prayed for Jessica. Jessica seemed very calm after his prayer. My family also prayed for Jessica. My brother Rick called us from Washington and prayed a very moving prayer for her to be healed. Back in San Diego, we attended a small church called Cloud nine. It is a very charismatic church. They also prayed for Jessica. The pastor’s wife sang a word of prophecy over Jessica. It went something like “You are Gods child, and he has more for you, he has more for you”. It was a beautiful song. So here I am in Germany again. After all this prayer, Jessica is still not healed. I wonder if I should loose heart, or be discouraged. But I believe that God heals. I also believe that God hears us when we pray. The Bible says that God collects our tears in a cup of his remembrance. My prayers are not wasted...they are invested. I'm reading a new book by Bill Johnson called dreaming with God. In this book Bill Johnson says that God in trusts us with dreams. So my desire for Jessica to be healed may not just be my own personal may actually be a dream God himself has given me. I have a choice, I can give up on the dream, or I can continue to pursue it. Jessica is almost 17 years old. You would think I would just accept her autism, just go on with life. Somehow I just can not do this. I dream of her as being whole. It is a dream I hold on to. It is a dream I pray for. It is a dream I invest in. I'm sorry we did not get our answer in America, but I will not believe my prayers were in vain. They were just an investment. Someday I hope to see the fruit of that investment. I'm not giving up! I pray God just makes the dream more real. I’m asking for what is impossible…but with God nothing is impossible!

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