Tuesday, August 19, 2008

stay-cation 3

One of the things we always do on vacation is eat out. Today we took a short trip to Thailand (one of my very favorite vacation spots). We ate Thai food for lunch. We went to the restaurant and ordered the food to go. Then we went to the garden/ pet center to buy fish food and some end of the season plants. I got a beautiful low growing yellow and orange striped rose for 60% off the normal price. I also bought some new plants for my Fall/Winter window boxes. By the time we were done shopping our food was ready to pick up. The kids had wonton soup, and chicken sticks with peanut sauce. I had a really good duck curry. Oh I wish I was in Thailand! Still, my stomach is really happy. So are the kids! I'm taking a nap while the kids watch Mr. Bean takes a Holiday!

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