Sunday, August 17, 2008

What I am standing for

I asked God for revelation about healing. This is what I got today. I remembered my time in LA waiting for prayer from Reinhart Bonnke. There was a very long book signing line. I stood there with Jessica for an hour, maybe longer. Jessica was very good waiting. Many pastors and their wives cut in line in front of us. It made me kind of mad. I had to pray for forgiveness. I didn’t want my anger to stand in the way of Jessica’s healing. I’m sure they were all a little “star struck” and didn’t realize what they were doing. I did not have a book for him to sign. I only had this piece of paper I received from Bonnke’s ministry. It says, "The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ is not a pleasure boat, but a life boat for saving souls! And every hand is needed on deck”. . This is one of my favorite sayings of Bonnke’s. When I received this in the mail I knew I wanted him to sign it. Any way, after waiting an hour we got to the end of the line. The helpers told me that Bonnke was only signing books and he was not praying for people. I could have gotten out of line then and there. But I stayed and I asked. Bonnke signed my paper and he also prayed for Jessica. Here is the revelation I received about prayer. When you pray you must believe that at some point you will receive what you are standing for. I wanted Bonnke to sign my paper (not a book) and I wanted prayer. This is what I got in line for. There where many things to discourage me. The long line, the people cutting the line, the helpers that said he would not do it. I stood believing I would receive what I was standing for. In the end I got what I asked for. This was in the natural, but I am standing now for Jessica’s healing. I could give up, there are many who would say God just does not heal today. I will not give up! I am going to stand firm because I believe I will receive what I’m standing for! I feel like God told me not to be discouraged but to keep standing in faith.

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

I've struggled over the issue myself, but I am at peace about my situation. I pray Jessica receives healing from God. Remember, Naaman had to dip 7 times in the Jordan River. ;-)