Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The impossible task of selling Obama

I thought Hillary did a great job with her almost impossible speech last night. I think she would make a better President then Obama. I also think there are allot of people who plan to vote for McCain just hoping Hillary will run again in 2012. I'm not sure the Democrats will do anything but blame Hillary if Obama loses the election. I don't honestly think they will forgive her! A house divided against itself will fall...and the Democrats are divided. It is almost sad! I think the women (her supporters) have got a point. They worked so hard for the party, and they have not been given the consideration they earned. It is actually tragic! Someone should have been able to see this coming early on! They should have said to either Hillary or Barack do not run. They should have let Hillary be the candidate because she actually has the experience, then promote Obama in 4 to 8 years after he gained more experience. I even think Obama would be 20 points ahead in the polls now if he had done everything he could to unite the Democrats by asking Hillary to be his VP. I think Obama made a real mistake not asking her to be his VP. Because I am pro life I'm glad he made this mistake. Obama has lost his momentum and I am pretty sure he will lose the election. I think the country does not feel comfortable electing Obama in such uncertain times. I would be very surprised if he can turn this around. If McCain were a real extreme Republican and not such a maverick he would not be able to draw votes away from the Democrats. But he is a maverick and people are not easily buying the 3 more years of Bush mantra!!! I’m hoping that McCain will choose a moderate as his running mate. He will get the vote of his base but he needs the Democratic vote to win! I have more and more respect for Hillary Clinton. Who knows? If McCain can appoint conservative judges in the next 4 years, I might even vote for her! Probably not…but maybe? I always doubted her sincerity. She has worked so hard and put up with so much, I think she deserves to be our first women President. I want a woman to be President, but I want a conservative Supreme Court first!

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