Friday, August 29, 2008

Weekend away

I'm trying to pack the kids and get some laundry and cleaning done. We are visiting Juergen's dad Richard for the weekend. 5 hours with loud kids in the car...well I'm not looking forward to the drive. I do look forward to being with Richard. I'm not sure what we will do. Just visit.

I saw clips of Obama's acceptance speech. I think he is a great speaker, but was short on real ideas for "change". John McCain is not George Bush. As they say in the South, that there dog just won't hunt! I'm curious to see how long his bounce in the polls will last. As one person I read wrote, this is not a popularity contest. This is about who is actually qualified for the job. Who has the ideas that will really make a difference. We need more then just a good speaker! This is not an election between Bush and Obama. I also would like both McCain and Obama to stop attacking each other. I want them both to get to a point where they just say...this is who I am and this is my plan. Enough of this, the other guy is bad do not pick him! But I know that is not going to happen. I'm glad that John McCain showed the class to give Obama his day. I'm glad he did not announce his VP last night. I do think McCain is a class act...if he can just communicate who he is I think he will still win! I saw a clip on CNN about what Germans think. I realize that most Germans are for Obama. What can I say? I'm glad they can not vote, and I'm glad I can! German's take their politics very seriously. Actually, if they could vote I am sure they would take a much closer look at Obama. They would look at what he has done. They would look at his serious lack of experience. I am sure if they really looked at the man, they would not elect him!

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Anonymous said...

I think, if Germans would really be allowed to vote, it would be no problem for Obama to win the election. Most Germans really have had enough of the politics of George Bush - and although McCain is not Bush, he is very close to his politics. Most Germans definitely do not want this to continue.
Talking about experience - it doesn't seem to be such a big issue to McCain anymore. Or why would he have made Sarah Palin his VP? It looks, as even McCain chooses change instead of experience.... :-)

I think it depends a lot on whom they will rely as advisers....