Monday, August 18, 2008

stay cation 2

We are home and so I'm wondering what to do with the kids. The weather has gotten nice. Philip, Thomas, and Sarah are spending a good number of hours riding their new bikes. I also find it a good time to help strengthen their academic skill. I bought these place mats you can write on. Philip's has addition problems, Thomas has multiplication problems, and Sarah has ABC's to write. I have Philip doing his Fast for words computer program everyday, and Thomas is watching science DVDs (he got a pretty bad grade in science). Home schooling is not legal in Germany. They are really cracking down on parents who teach their kids at home. The parents must pay large fines, and even risk losing their kids and going to jail. I would love to home school Philip. I can not do it...except during vacations! So part of our stay cation includes home work!

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

Do your kids learn in German? At home do you speak English?