Sunday, August 31, 2008

I love it!!!

We just got back from our trip. I am trying to read the reaction to McCain’s VP pick. I love it! As I wrote before, I would love a women, but I also question if she has the experience. Still, I know she does have more experience then Obama. We will have to see how this one is going to play out. People are going to need some time to get use to her because she is so unknown. I personally like the idea! I'm not pro gun but it's impossible to get elected being anti gun (at least if you are Republican). I think there really is going to be a debate in the country about how anyone can question her lack of experience with out also questioning Obamas lack of experience. Sarah is running for VP and he is running for President!

My German friend Peter wrote that German's would vote for Obama because they don't want more of Bush. All I can say is McCain really is not Bush. I honestly do not believe German's would vote for Obama as their leader. They would put him under a microscope and laugh at the idea. He is charming from a distance, but when you take a closer look I do not think German's would make that choice! Things are going to change either way. I also think it's exciting that either a black man or white women will make history this year.


Anonymous said...

I know, that McCain isn't Bush. But his politics are just too close to Bushs politics. McCain agreed in 90% with Bush.
Therefore I'm pretty sure a lot of Germans would vote for Obama - they simple want things to change, and Obama promises this change - it is even his motto. Although nobody knows if he can keep that promise. I know I would vote for Obama.

I also know, that both Obama and McCain will return to work closer with the UN - which will require more effort from Germany and other european Countries in the "Hot-Spots" of the world, like Afghanistan. This will reduce the enthusiasm in Germany for Obama quite a bit, if he becomes president.

Amy said...

Germany would, from what they know about Obama vote for him. Yes I know this is true. But if Obama was in Germany, and you saw him day in and day out I do not think he would have gotten where he is. You would ask the man to prove him self. He is all talk! I do not think German's would buy the talk! That is not to say you would vote for McCain either! I'm sure Germany would have found better people to run on both sides!!! German's are more thoughtful about these things. Americans are more emotional and personality driven. As for me, I am issue driven. I care about the life issue. I could never vote for Obama. He has voted for abortion on every level. He even voted for a law that allowed doctors to not treat babies that managed to survive abortions...just letting them die. He voted for late term abortions and partial birth abortions, this is killing babies who could easily live if taken by c-section. I could never bring myself to vote for such a liberal person. Even Clinton would not vote for these forms of abortion. He began running for president the same year he was elected for senator. He voted nearly 100% of the time with his Democratic party. He voted 50% with Bush. McCain did vote 90% of the time with Bush, but broke with his party 10% of the time on big issues. He has a mind of his own and experience to back it up. But it's OK if we do not agree. We both live in free countries and we both can vote for our leaders. In this way, we are both very blessed!!! I do hear your desire for change. I hope that the next leader of America will show more respect for Europe and the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

That's a good point you make: Germans probably would have just found other people on both sides to run for being the president. :-)

Politics in the States and in Germany are VERY different anyway. In my opinion things are too "black/white" in the States. I miss the "grey".

Let's take the absolut difficult question of abortion. In my opinion abortion is wrong. For me life starts immediatly - and not after 3 months or 5 months. I do see two cases, where I could understand abortion: when the life of the mother is threatened or when the mother has been raped. I could then understand. But this would be the only exception in my opinion.

What's the consequence of that? According to some people it means, abortion should be illegal. But does that really solve the problem? My fear is, that those pregnant women, who want to get rid of their Baby, just go to some other country to do the abortion. If they are rich, they can go to a special hospital e.g. in the Netherlands. If they are poor, the might go to Mexiko and might risk a really bad abortion (from a medical-point of view). That's how it happened in Germany, before abortion was legal. Some quack doktor did it. With sometimes terrible consequences for the woman. It's a choice between bad and bad. In my opinion, making it illegal doesn't solve the problem.

Coming back to Obama/McCain:
I think a politician should be judged be many aspects - but sometimes it seems to me, that in the States there are just a few limited issues that seem to count. Is he pro or anti gun? Is he pro life or pro choice? Is he pro or anti homosexual marriages? What about the other qualities of the politician? Don't they matter actually much more? For example is the president good for the economy? Is he a good diplomat? Especially important in tne middle east - Obamas origin might even be helpfull in this, while McCain might be a bit too quick to go to war.

Ah....we'll see. If McCain wins this year, Hillary might be the democratic candidate in 4 years... :-)))