Saturday, August 23, 2008

stay-cation 6

Juergen wanted to take the new car for a drive. He read about these caves about an hour away, so we were off on a day trip. We don't have GPS (yet) so we got pretty lost. We drove through some really cute villages (remember this is the South of Germany). If I was driving, I would have stopped the car at least a dozen times to take pictures. The old farm gardens, half timber houses and water mills were really charming. I would love to go on a trip by myself, or with a like minded friend and just take pictures. The kids are pretty hyper so we just had no time to take pictures. We got all the typical questions and comments. "Are we there yet, I'm hungry, he's hitting me, I need to go to the toilet"!!! We had a pretty good lunch in a pizza place. There was a glass blowing workshop that sold really beautiful glass works. I didn't buy anything because they were all pretty expensive. Finally we found the cave. It was worth the trip. I took a little video before I found out I was not suppose to do that. The cave photos are from the internet because you can not take pictures of the caves. It was pretty impressive. So now we are home and the kids are watching TV and playing on the computer. Juergen will definitely be buying a GPS system. I have my tea and I get to read all the political news. What a great day!!!

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