Monday, August 18, 2008

The new car

One of the benefits of working for a large company is the company car. Juergen just got our new car today. It's a Mercedes Viano. I thought I would take a few pictures of it before it gets all scratched up. It is so big (8 adult passengers plus luggage room). I'm not too anxious to drive it! In fact, I think I'll let Juergen drive it until it has it's first scratch or dent. It is so big it should only take a day or two before it's broken in!!! I get my 18 year old Mazda back from the shop tomorrow. Now that's a car a girl can take risks with! A Demolition problem!!! Oh, Sarah just spilled a liter of soda on the back problem!!! Who cares if the kids trash my car is trash!!!

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Heather said...

Boy do I hear you on this one. My old car was called the beater because she was sooo beaten up. God blessed me with her for more than 200K miles she was good and loyal. Now I have the new to me car and I love it, but I still haven't bonded with it as much.
Heather BT