Thursday, August 21, 2008

How many homes does McCain have?

Obama's new ad is about how many houses John McCain has. Why is this an issue? The Democrats nominated John Kerry as their man during the last election. He had a rich wife? Is it now wrong to be rich in America? Many of the people now losing their homes were just plain greedy (not all). They tried to buy houses they could not afford. They got in over there heads. Now I know that's a very general statement. Many people lost jobs, and now can not make the house payments. But John McCain wants to help businesses (especially small businesses) create jobs. The problem is not that he is rich; the problem is we are not! Maybe the question to ask is not how many houses does John McCain own, but who is a better man to help with the economy? Should we follow the guy who just paid off his student loan last year, or the one who actually owns a house?

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