Wednesday, August 08, 2012


I had to throw away a whole bucket of tomatoes today because I didn't get around to using them. So I processed the 3 large bowls of tomatoes I picked yesterday and today. I cut them up, added olive oil and balsamic vinegar and herbs to the tomatoes, then canned them. I got 5 very full jars. And I saved the seeds. I have the first of the "ox heart" tomatoes I got in Italy. I saved the seeds from a tomatoes I ate, planted the seed, and now I'm harvesting the tomatoes. How cool is that? I'm very tired today. Jessica doesn't want to go anywhere with her teacher. Maybe we just need to go slower. We have had her teacher 4 hours a day for 3 days now. Jess wants her space. It's just a too close to soon thing. This isn't going to work if she doesn't take Jessica out of the house, and I can not take them places everyday. I have so much to do. The kids are home on vacation. They need attention. I have my garden work. The laundry piles up. I'm getting so tired. It's just allot at once. I'm sure it just takes some time. Jessica needs more time to get use to a teacher. But the extra effort is making me tired.

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