Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The garden work

We have a big garden. I was just mowing the lawn, and sweating so much that I had to come inside. It turns out that it's over 30c or about 90f outside. I thought it was just me. I love to be so hot that water taste good. Do you know what I mean? In the winter I don't feel like drinking water...but right now it's easy. And of course water is so good for you! I also ate a forth of a watermelon today. I would probably be thin if I lived some place hot. As long as I had lots of fresh fruit to eat, and plenty of cold clean water! My garden needs some work. There are weeds to pull, the hedges to cut, and a mole or 2 to catch. The noise makers seemed to chase the moles away for awhile, but they are back. So I ordered these traps. They are suppose to help you catch them, so you can release them in a far off field. It was Juergen idea. I hope it works. I don't like killing animals. They really don't hurt anything, they just make a mess of the grass. Anyway, it's illegal to kill moles in Germany. They are protected. I'm sure they serve a good purpose. But they eat worms, and make holes all over the garden. We have everything we need to fix the pond now. All I need is sand. I'll try to buy that tomorrow. Then We can start repairing the pond (maybe on Saturday). It's going to be beautiful! And the pond will draw frogs and birds. They both eat bad bugs.

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Eric & Shelley said...

moles are protected. That is crazy. .. If you had a cat that would take care of them. Maybe.

Our cat catches the voles and mice.

We have a terrible gopher problem.