Tuesday, August 14, 2012

KWB EasyFire Boiler Demonstration

We are getting close to a decision about a new heater. We had an offer from a company not far from us. They install pellet heaters with solar. We would have solar panels on our roof that help warm the water that heats our house. The solar can help cover about 35% of our heat. Then the pellet heater would cover the rest of the heat. Pellets are made in the South of Germany. They are a renewable and sustainable form of heat. And the price of pellets have remained low, while oil and gas both rise at a rate of 6 to 8% per year. Because both China and India have developed a hunger for oil and gas those prices are sure to remain high. Pellets are a more secure source of clean and low cost energy. The investment is a little higher for solar and pellets. The government offers us a 1% loan over 20 years. We would save nearly 3000 Euros the first year based on our present use of gas. There really doesn't seem to be a down side to the switch...just the increase if debt. But it's a debt that looks like a good investment. So we will wait on a firm offer and plans from this company. But after months of reading and searching, I feel good about this direction. Juergen will be ordering the insulation we need for our attic. I found a good source online. It will save us over 1000 Euros off the building supply store price. But we need the material delivered in the next 2 weeks. Juergen has taken vacation. He and Thomas will install the insulation together when the other kids are at summer camp.

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