Saturday, August 18, 2012

Getting ready for a big party

Juergen is the very best husband I have to say....but you all already know that. He let me sleep until 10am. Then he had Sarah bring me my coffee. Oh man, I needed that! Thank you Juergen! We have a big party scheduled in September. This is for the International Health department of the University of Heidelberg. I was blessed this past year to get to know many of these amazing students. Now that they will be graduating and we are throwing them a party. We will put up our party tent. And it's good motivation to get the garden in top shape. So I replanted all the window boxes today. We cleaned up the vegetable garden. We pulled loads of weeds. And we have started to clean the space where the green house will go. I want to order some soil to go there. Then We will put the party tent in that space. It will look good for the party. We expect 100 people. They are bringing their own catering. They will also have professionals come clean after the party. So I only need to set up the tent, and clean the house and garden (only). But a party is always a good reason to get stuff done. And we wanted to get this stuff done anyway. My sister Shelley just had a big tea party in her garden yesterday. Here is a photo of my Mom wearing a hat. Isn't she lovely! I wish I was there to share in the fun! Shelley went all out, and it looked amazing from the photos! Good job Shell! What a blessing you are! And bless everyone who helped you. I'm sure many hands helped make that event work out well!

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