Thursday, August 09, 2012

a better day

I was pretty stressed yesterday. Jessica had a much better day with her new teacher today. And because of this I also feel better. Jessica needs time to get use to the teacher. She can not be pushed into spending 4 hours per day with her. Today she did spend 4 hours, but this will not be how Jessica feels everyday. And the time will be easier to fill once she can take classes at the autism center this fall. Right now the center has vacation. So right now we have to take it slow and respect Jessica’s comfort level. But today we went shopping. I went off on my own and let Jessica go around with her teacher. They stopped to look at whatever Jess wanted to see. We spent a few hours in the store. It was relaxing for me, and good for Jess. And we drove in the car for another 2 hours. I could talk with the teacher. And I feel good about how it's going.

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