Sunday, August 19, 2012

my greenhouse

I found a high tunnel green house that Juergen said I can buy. Maybe he just got tired of me asking? But he said yes! This will be 4.5 meters wide (14,7 feet) and 6 meters long (19.6 feet). It's 2.5 meters high (8.2 feet), and we will build it on a foundation that is 1 meter high (3.2 feet ). We want it to have both electricity and water. And we also want a heater, maybe even a radiator that is hooked up to our house heating system. Nicole will paint there, so I think Juergen figured it's also for Nicole. Maybe that's why he said yes? Or maybe he just wants the house to be finished? It really will look nicer then the empty space we have now. Or may he just knew I was not going to stop asking for a green house until we get one! Anyway, this is the one he likes.

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