Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Today I canned another 24 jars of heirloom tomato sauce. And I picked enough tomatoes to can 24 more jars of sauce. I had a big bowl of tomato soup for lunch. I love tomatoes! I think I can pick more tomatoes in one day then I got all last year. It's been amazing! But it is starting to get colder and wetter. So I doubt we will have much of a harvest next month. Juergen did some painting today. He also had to pour this cement like stuff on the floor in the basement. It's to even the floor out for tile. The tile guys come tomorrow and Friday. Hopefully it will be finished when the kids come home Friday afternoon. Sadly our week is nearly over. But it's been very nice. We agreed to buy a gas furnace. It will be put in at the end of September. And we want to have a kochelofen (tile oven) put in too. But We can not decide where the oven should go. We think the best place would be the kitchen. But because we would need to cut off half the front balcony(to make room for a chimney) the oven needs to wait until next year. We want to have the balcony’s refinished, and the house painted next year. And the chimney for the oven could be built at that time. We don't have the money or energy for this project right now. We get new insulation in our attic and a few new windows, and the new furnace this year. And I'm still lobbying for the greenhouse this year. All the other things have to wait. But I'm very satisfied by the good progress. It's pretty wonderful to get things done!

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Eric & Shelley said...

that's awesome, we just didn't have the weather to have a great tomato crop.