Tuesday, August 21, 2012

sanevo WhisperGen: Original WhisperGen-Werbevideo (englisch)

We keep hearing about problems people have had with pellet heaters. They have problems getting clean pellets (bio mass). The dirty pellets can cause fires. And a good pellet oven cost allot. So My 2nd choice is this WhisperGen. It runs on Natural gas. It generates heat and electricity. I like it because it has a piston engine. It hardly needs any maintenance and last forever. I just don't know if they make a model large enough to heat our big house.
Because we live in a state that is run by the "Green party", there are allot of kick backs for buying the WhisperGen. We could get it for basically half price. It will not take up all Juergen's work shop. A pellet oven takes up allot of space. And if they have a big model, we could maybe buy an electric car. Then we could make the energy for our house and car.

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