Monday, August 13, 2012

a good harvest

Nicole and I dug up the potatoes. Actually, Nicole did most of the work, I was out with Jessica and her teacher. I just helped in the end. We got a 25 gallon bucket worth of potatoes. There are a very large variety from all over the world. And I plan to save some for next years seed. The rest I want to can. We grew the potatoes in straw. That worked out well. Once they were planted, I basically did nothing but add more straw to the plants. I also added saw dust around the plants to keep out the light. My soil has improved. I'll be planting a fall crop of lettuce, onions, spinach, cabbages and carrots in these 2 beds. We are also saving the lettuce seeds. And we are making tomatoes sauce today because we are over whelmed by tomatoes! Nicole got home from Amsterdam last night. It’s great to have her home.

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