Monday, August 27, 2012

Tiled Stove

These tile stoves are called Kachelofen in Germany. They are wood burning stoves that burn very hot and clean. The heat heats up the tiles and radiates heat hours after the fire dies back. And you can get a Kachelofen that has water running through it. The water is piped to a water heater. It can be used to heat the entire house, cutting back on your need for gas or oil. I want to have a Kachelofen built in the entrance hall. And we may actually forget about the solar heat. Solar will take 20 years to pay for it's self. A good kockelofen pays for it's self in 5 years.

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BB's Blog said...

actually it is called Kachelofen. Kachel is another word for tile. I love them. Especially those with a bench around. It is really cosy and relaxing, to sit on a warm ovenbench on a cold winter evening.