Monday, August 06, 2012

Jessica's teacher

Today Jessica stood at the door waiting for her new teacher to come. Jessica was sick last week, so her teacher started today. We wanted to take her to breakfast, but Jessica would not get out of the car. She wanted to go shopping. So I drove to the shopping mall. Jess went shopping with her teacher while Sarah and I sat in a cafe and ate breakfast. That was nice. Then Jess sat in the car with her teacher while Sarah and I shopped. Then at home I drank coffee with Jessica's teacher and we had a good chat. She is very nice and has many good ideas. Tonight the social workers come, and the director of the Autistic center. We will set some goals. My main goal is to see Jessica learn to write on an I Pad. She has a good mind, and I think she has a world of good things to communicate. She just needs a way to get it out...she must write. It may take some time before I personally get my "freedom" (time for myself). But we are on the way. And I think Jessica is very happy to have a teacher.

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