Monday, August 20, 2012

Epsom Salt in the garden

I was thinking about soaking my feet in Epsom salts. Then I saw this about using Epsom Salts in the garden. So I think I'll fill a large bucket, and soak my feet outside. Then I put the water, with the epsom salts in it onto my plants. ....Experienced gardeners use Epsom Salt as a tonic for plants. It supplies readily available Magnesium and Sulphur which are easily leached from the soils by rain. This tonic is particularly useful when the lack of nutrients in the soil is causing yellowing of the leaves. Not only does Epsom Salt provide good nutrition, but it also improves plants utilisation of N(nitrogen) P (phosphorous) and K (potassium) making it the perfect partner for your current fertilising plan. Supplementing with Epsom Salt supports germination foliage and flower development chlorophyll production and improved absorption and use of phosphorous and nitrogen. The major pluses of using Epsom Salt: it’s natural it does not build up in the soil and cause any problems it is safe around pets and children it is quick acting clean and odour free over application does not cause damage or burning of plants.

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