Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's so hot

The past few days it has been so hot. And in this weather you don't want to do anything but sit in front of a fan. I have not slept well for days. We are suppose to get some rain soon. I hope we do! My grass is brown! And everything is drying up. I feel so sorry for the farmers in the USA. It must be awful to lose your crops. Philip gets braces today. We also had tile laid in our back hall. Juergen has next week off to work on the house. He was going to put insulation in the attic, but that will be done later. Instead there is a long list of other jobs. I hope we have cooler weather next week. It would be awful to work in this heat. Sarah will be going to camp next week. And Philip and Nicole will be working at this camp. Jessica will spend the mornings with her teacher. That leaves Juergen, Thomas and I to work on the house. We plan to pay Thomas for his work. He is earning money for a new iPod. He broke his old iPod 2 weeks ago while skate boarding. Those are the plans. I hope Juergen and I are very satisfied with the progress we have made by the end of next week. We don't mind working. But sometimes you just run into walls and don't actually make any progress. That's how I feel about the heating system. We have been considering a new heater for months. It has taken up way too much of our time. But the bids we are getting are too high. And we do not see a clear answer. I do not want to talk about heaters anymore. I just want to get on with it! But we need to figure this out. We can not afford to waste so much money heating our house with oil. It would have been nice to have a new heater instilled next week while Juergen is home. But the tile guys come next week to put a tile floor in the basement. So at least that will be done!

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Rick Moreno said...

Preston has earned $245 this summer doing odd jobs and is also getting braces today.