Friday, May 20, 2011


So I cleaned the entire house. Juergen came home early. The couple finally came an hour late. I had to pick the kids up, so I couldn't really tell what they thought of the place. They have an aging parent to care for. We don't have a ground floor bedroom. That's a problem for them. I think they liked the house, but perhaps it's not going to work because of this need for a ground floor room for the grandmother. The problem is, they can not find anything that will work for them. They will consider it...and maybe they can find a way to make it work. I would drop the price for them. I liked them. They seemed very nice! The women had a giant cross around her neck. I know they are friends with the family across the street. I really like the people across the street, so I am pretty sure I would like this family too! I have zero idea what we should do now? Perhaps lower the price to generate more interest? I'm going to try hard to just rest! I still need a hair cut. Maybe that's what I'll do tomorrow. No more house stuff...I need a break! I think I'll start my study on the gifts of the Spirit. Have a nice weekend! I wonder how long Moses had to wait for God to part the sea? Juergen is always telling Sarah to stay cool. I need to have him say that to me! Stay cool Amy, the battle is the Lords and He already has the victory!

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BB's Blog said...

Freunde von uns hatten ein "Zu verkaufen" Schild im Vorgarten, das hat geholfen. Ich ahbe gelesen, dass es im Schnitt ein Jahr dauert, ein Haus zu verkaufen.