Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It started right

Nicole and I went out to breakfast and then did some shopping. My cell phone is broken. I guess Nicole could have taken her phone? Anyway, we returned home to find an angry Juergen. The school called to have him pick Jessica up. She was very aggressive and had head lice. So I treated the lice with a special oil made for the purpose. I also treated my head, and Sarah's head. I have to wash loads of laundry (not fun). And as for the aggression? I think Jess is really upset about the end of school...and all the changes. They want us to drug her up. I'm making an appointment with her Dr to see about any natural remedies (serotonin maybe). Her aggression is too much for the new placement. They may not take her now! She is afraid, and I don't think she should be drugged. But maybe the back and forth between the old and new schools is too much for her! It's a mess!
I'm trying to stay calm. I'll take care of the wash...I can manage that. I'll call the Dr too. I will try not to panic.

I took photo's of the garden. It's looking very lovely.

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Shelley said...

garden looking good