Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Open House May 14TH

We need a goal to work towards. Our goal is to have an open house on May 14th from 1-6 pm. We hope the bathroom will be ready by then. And I will be working on all the rest. Today I clean the kitchen again. This time I'm working on the refrigerator and organizing the inside of the cabinets. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important rooms in selling a house. At least this is what I have read.

Jessica is doing very well on her trip. They took a sight seeing trip (a bus ride) around Berlin. She loved it. She also really enjoyed the train ride there. I feel better knowing she feels good.

We are still waiting for our washing machine to come. Our house smells like wet dirty laundry! I hope the machine comes today...I really need it!

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Shelley said...

Another good tip is to have chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven or cinnamon rolls, and have coffee to serve. Of course the disposable cups with protective lids, and ice water with lemon.
That's what we were told in America when having an open house. We did it and sold our house.

The other thing we were told and this is true if you don't have curb appeal you won't get them in the door.

and you have to de personalize the house so they can imagine themselves living in it.

flowers on the dinning room table is a nice added touch or fruit in a bowl.

Hope all goes well with your open house.