Sunday, May 15, 2011

Plan B?

Should we consider a plan B? Is that a lack of faith or just using wisdom? If we can sell our house right now , we would consider this plan A. But we could push the move date to say December. This would give us more time to sell. The people we are buying from don't have a place to move to yet. Perhaps it's best to push the dates back 3 or 4 months? And if we can not sell, should we pay a mortgage on 2 houses, or rent our house out? How long should we wait to decide this? I'm trying to be logical, and not emotional about this. We are talking about loads of money. Our best plan is to sell now. But our plans may not be God's plans. I have to believe there would be a reason (a higher purpose) if the whole thing is postponed by a few months. If we had a few more months we could see if selling our house is realistic. I don't want to lower the price too much. Moving later would have an effect on the kids schools. We need wisdom. It’s a big responsibility to own 2 houses. Not really what I wanted.

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