Friday, May 06, 2011

So tired

Have you ever been so tired you almost fall asleep when you sit down. My week has been so full I am really very tired. I won't bother you with the details. I worked hard, and plan to work hard this weekend and all week really.
The workers are still not done with the bathroom. They put the floor down tomorrow. I guess they grout the floor Monday. So maybe it will be finished on Tuesday or Wednesday? It really was a big job, and they put in many hours. It looks great. I will take pictures when it's finished!
Jessica got home today. She looked great! Her teacher said she was wonderful on the trip. She seemed very happy and proud. I guess I'll see photos next week. But I'm very happy to have her home.
Juergen has gone to his dads for the weekend. Richard just had surgery. He looks good Juergen said. I'm relieved to hear it. I'm definitely going to miss Juergen this weekend, but I'm glad he can be with his dad!
I wish I had something more interesting to report. Right now it’s really just work…followed by more work. If the weather is good the kids and I will clean up the garden. I don't think my kids will spoil me for mothers day, so I guess I will have to spoil them. I'm very glad to have them in my life. I'm wise enough to realize it isn't the flowers and gifts that count. I will have all 5 kids with me on Sunday. And in years to come I will wish with all my heart to simply have them all home at once. I'll miss Juergen on Sunday. I'll also miss my Mom. But I'll have my kids. And I'm a pretty blessed person!

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caring for the garden said...

I will miss you too, honey. Dad and I will be alone tomarrow. All of you kids have plans and that is just the way it is. But I do have memories of other Mother's Days. I especially remember the one just after my oown mom left us. All of you came home and surprised me. What a special gift that was. I love you, enjoy all five of your blessings tomarrow. Mom