Sunday, May 08, 2011

Thomas helped me cut them

It's Mothers day. Jessica woke me at 5am. I'm running on coffee. Sarah was very excited to give me a letter she wrote for me in school. Poorly translated it reads "I love you mom. Like a tree loves it's branches, like the heaven loves it's stars, I love you". Sweet! It will find it's place in a frame, in a place of honor. Philip drew me a pirate ship at sea in a storm. OK, I'm not going to read anything but "boy" into that! And Thomas felt bad because he forgot. Nicole forgot too...but she knows I love her, and she loves me. So Mothers day is just another day for her. Jessica was in Berlin this week, and I didn't get any cool letters from her either. But you could tell Thomas felt badly. So I asked him to help me pick some flowers. I had some very pretty roses I was afraid the local kids in the area might pick...I wanted them first. So Thomas held the vase. I picked the roses. He put water in the vase. And then you saw a different person. He ran down to his room and carried up a Lego car he was building. I told him he was talented and would be a great designer one day. Shame and guilt turned to pride. And that is what God does for us too. We feel guilt. He gives us a way out through Jesus. Then we become his children, and we don't need to hide anymore!
I thank God for my own mom today! I love you mom so much!!! And I think of Juergen's mom too. She died 3 years ago, but lives on with me. I often think of her and look forward to seeing her again in heaven. I'm glad Juergen is spending the weekend with his dad. We miss him, but I'm glad he is there!


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Happy Mothers day

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