Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So what's up?

I feel very sleepy. I haven't felt much like writing. Sorry about that. Outside it looks like rain...but the rain doesn't come. We could use the rain. My plants look dry.
Nicole finished her last exam yesterday. She has her graduation tomorrow night (it's also Juergen's birthday). Cole didn't need the super high grade point average some of her classmates needed. You need straight A's to get into medical school in Heidelberg for example. One of her good friends got straight A's. Many got nearly all A's. What a smart group of young people! Nicole got a solid B average. She didn't study very hard, and she finished early. For her , life has many other priorities (music, the youth group etc). She lives a balanced life. I am proud of her in every possible way! I'm also glad she doesn't have the extreme pressure so many of the others now feel. One of her classmates got a 1.7 on her report card (that's an A-). She needed a 1.6 to get into medical school (not Heidelberg, you need a 1 to get into Heidelberg). She missed the cut by one small percentage point! The poor kid was devastated! I'm so grateful Nicole is not following such a narrow path! 1.7 is a very respectable grade (A-). But it brought the girl to tears because it killed her dream! So sad! But a closed door could lead her to another dream that could be a greater blessing. What an amazing group of kids she is graduating with. I'm sure they all have very special things ahead of them. We hope to hear from the Art Academy in the next 2 weeks or so. And if she doesn’t get in, I’m also sure God will lead her in a good way. But I think she will get in. And what an honor to study art for 4 or 5 years. And what will Nicole do with an art degree? I don’t know…but I’m sure she will do good things because she is very wise and God is on her side!

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