Sunday, May 01, 2011

12 Real-estate agents and a crazy family

We placed an ad in a very popular Internet site. So far we have gotten replies from mostly real-estate agents. The neighbor across the street said his brother was “very interested” in buying the house. And when Juergen told him it was not ready to show, they said it did not matter. So yesterday we killed ourselves trying to clean up. And they rudely came ½ hour early. Jessica was asleep. I was trying to clean her room. He told them to come back at the time we gave them. Then they walked in our house, declared it a mess and tried to talk us down 50,000Euros. I was so upset it took me an hour to calm down. And after thinking about it, I feel like I have to learn to say no! No, you can not even look at my house if you are a real-estate agent! No, don’t even waste my time or yours if you want to drop the price some outrageous amount of money! If you don’t like the style, then look at something you do like…I’ve got a full life, and I’m not cleaning all day for my own entertainment! We will not show our house again until May 14th. Our bathroom will be finished by then (God willing). And We do not need to stress ourselves or kids out on a daily basis for these crazy people! I am trusting God…I am not giving the control of my house to 12 real-estate agents and crazy families that want to buy your house for nothing!!! There were 2 or 3 other private families that have showed interest. Juergen will call them and try to see if they are "serious customers".

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