Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jessica's new school

Jessica spent one day last week in her new school. This week she goes 2 times. And for the next (the last) 10 weeks of school she will also go 2 times a week to the new school to get use to it. It's actually not a school, it's a work and day care group. She is there with her personal teacher. So far she really likes it. Today Juergen and I were there for a meeting about funding. I didn't need to say much. Her teacher and the director both argued that Jessica will need funding to continue to have her own personal aid. She needs help to continue to grow as a person. She also needs it for safety. There are many big trucks at the work shop. It could be dangerous for Jessica if she just walked outside the unlocked door. So hopefully she will get what she needs. I think it will happen...I really feel peace! Jessica came home from her day there and she seemed very happy. I'm not sure how long we need to wait for a clear answer about funds? But I'm pretty sure the arguments for funding were very sound. I feel very good about the direction!

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