Tuesday, May 03, 2011

the work cont...

I am not feeling very good today. Juergen has a bit of a cold and he passed it on to me. But the work still continues. I cleaned out the refrigerator and also washed and organized the inside of one kitchen cabinet. I'm not really sure we will sell the refrigerator with the kitchen. But I wouldn't want anyone to look inside it and see something green and moldy walking out. Actually, it wasn't that dirty. I cleaned it a month ago. The bathroom tile is going up today. They want to work late to get it done. I don't know if they will finish it today...but this week! God willing, it will be done this week! I wash my hair in the sink. I give myself a sponge bath. We haven't had our bath tub for more then 2 weeks. I'm getting pretty anxious to have my bathroom back! I'm also still waiting for the washing machine to be delivered! It really should be here by now! The good news is we had 2 more calls about the house. So far we have 3 appointments for our open house on May 14th. One women called today and said she did not care what the bathroom looks like. She is very interested in my garden! I like her already! I'm praying we get many customers and more importantly a real buyer! We need someone who is ready to buy...and can afford it. Someone who doesn't want to drop the price too much, and someone we think could be happy here. I really want someone to buy my house, and love my house! I want it to be a good match!

Oh, the bank called. They approved our loan. The bank papers are finally ready. We have to postpone the notary appointment. Juergen needs to travel North to see his dad on Friday. Richard had an operation. He wasn't doing so good. I think it was a strong drug reaction. After a few days of sleep, Richard is much better (Praise God)!!! He may be able to go home on Friday. Juergen will spend the weekend (even mothers day) with him. He owes me one! But then again, I owe him too. I'm just so glad Richard is OK!

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