Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

We had a very nice time at church today. The youth did the service. Thomas played the drums. I was (am) a proud mom! And then we had lunch with friends (including my god baby Anna). She goes to America for a month. Babies grow so much in a month. She will be so grown up when I pick her up next month! Sarah makes a very good babysitter! Thank God she lives here and not America! The owners of the house in Bad Schönborn called. They want us to sign a contract soon. I guess they figured the tax thing! So we are still hoping to renovate the new house in August and move in before September. I hope God gives us a buyer for our house in Leimen! I feel pretty peaceful about the whole matter! It's amazing how easy it all is when it's the owners problem! It's not my's Gods! It's not my's his! It's not easy for me to keep letting it go. But I'm trying to walk in peace!

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Shelley said...

That's great that sarah is a good babysitter. A good baby sitter is hard to find.