Wednesday, May 04, 2011

It came!!!!

I waited all morning but the washing machine finally came. It's giant. The delivery men got it down the stairs, but couldn't get it into it's space. I had to move a shelve (and all the stuff on the shelve). Then Philip and I pushed the machine into it's spot. Juergen will hook it up tonight. My house really stinks like wet dirty laundry. I can not wait to clean up this mess! We have been without a washer for over a week. Juergen did a few loads at a friends house, but I have about 10 loads waiting. I posted the slide show of our house in Bad Schönborn, and the pictures I took of the house in 2007. Juergen asked for this. I get so fixed on selling the house we have, and I forget why we are doing this! Really, it’s so much trouble! I am not even half way through the race and I feel like giving up. I’m tired! I need to see what I’m running toward.

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Shelley said...

Nothing like a washing machine that works. I use ours almost everyday.

I have a cross stitch over our dryer that says"Thank God for my dryer".
Another must have item if you live in rainy Oregon