Thursday, May 05, 2011

Help wanted

I made very good progress today on the wash. I'm almost caught up...amazing! I can basically do 2 loads at a time. So 10 normal loads became 5 loads. This is very cool!!! I worked in the garden today. The sunshine did me good! I also got a wonderful phone call from a good friend. She offered to help me get the house ready for the open house. I will not tell you her name because I don't want to embarrass her, but believe me she is a real gift from God! I thank her for her offer, and her good heart! I would love more help if anyone is interested in cleaning for a few hours. Maybe we can have a cleaning party next Thursday May 12Th? If you are a local friend and could bless us with some help, please let me know. I'm trying not to worry about selling the house. I'm trying hard to just do my part, and let God do the rest. I can not create a buyer...but I can pray for a buyer. I know that God knows everything, even before we ask him. This is totally under his control. My part is to clean...and if you could help that would be so great!

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