Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Up date from a sick mom

I did the shopping. I bought food that's basically heat a serve. Maybe I can get Nicole to make dinner? I also spent 25Euros on cold medicine. I bought a whole pineapple (pre cut) and eat it al by myself. Instant Vit C, and so good!!! On the way home I thought about buying the kids a new Wii game. Maybe Juergen can do that on his way home. He has a meeting at church tonight, but I could still get some rest if the kids had a new game. BTW, I don’t want anyone to think Juergen is a bad husband for not taking time off to care for me. We used all our vacation time to go to Cyprus and Thailand. There just is'nt any time left. As for the meetings, they are all important. I should have picked another week to get sick. I’m not dying…I just feel like it! It’s just a cold, not even the H1N1 flu. It would have been good to get that flu off my list. Here I am wasting all this sickness on a common head cold.

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Shelley said...

Colds generally last 10 days, but Vitamin C, lots of rest and fluids washing hands a lot will speed things up.
Pray you get better soon.