Friday, October 30, 2009


If you have your own food, you don't rely on government, food prices or hyper inflation. Are these guys crazy? The Bible says they aren't! You need 3 years of food stored, and space and experience growing a garden, and storing food. Do you know how to can food? Do you know how to make compost? Do you have the ability to harvest and store water? Do you know how to keep animals like chickens and rabbits (not just for meat and eggs but for the murmur). Did you know good compost needs animal manure? All this sort of stuff takes time to learn. I am only just beginning to learn how to survive a very uncertain future. I hope I never ever need to use these skills! I hope I just end up growing a 100% organic garden. That in it's self is a very cool hobby! But what if I need to know how to grow food to survive? What if I don't need these skills, but someday my kids do? I've spent the last hour watching you tube videos by survivalists. Man, some of these folks are crazy! They are paranoid crazy people!!! They hide their location, and carry guns. They prepare for war. They maybe right, but I don't want to ever live like that!!! I want to find a middle ground. Still, you can learn allot of good stuff from a hard core survivalist. For example, I learned that corn requires too much water, fertilizer and space to be considered a good survivalist crop. You are much wiser to grow beans that can be stored, and squash that is highly productive. I learned manure should not be placed directly on plants because it can burn them. You need to mix manure from chickens and rabbits into your compost pile and allow it to rest. I've personally never canned vegetables. This is a skill I want to learn next year. I don't know how to harvest seeds or store seeds. I hope my life and the life of my family never depend on my gardening skills. At least right now that would not be a very good thing!

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