Saturday, October 31, 2009

bless the little monsters!

I'm charging the camera batteries. I hope to get a photo of the kids. Their costumes were nothing all that special. I painted Sarah's face like Lion, Thomas dressed like a secret agent with the head phone and dark glasses, and Philip wore a Darth Vader mask. I spent an hour raking up leaves in my front yard, and lighting the path with a dozen or more candles. Juergen said our house looked the most welcoming on the block. I wanted that. Juergen took the kids trick or treating. Most people never bothered to open the door. SAD!!! I light my path so the kids would know they were welcome here. I made sure we had loads of candy. I didn't want to run out. But now my head hurts from the cold air and the dog barking. The kids are now answering the door. Happy Halloween everyone. Even if you don't like monsters, bless the children that come your way.

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Dianna said...

Mom said we had about 23 kids tricker treating I was watching the usc duck game and the Ducks won 47 to 20 and are undfeeted in the pac ten.Looking good maybe rose bowl or even national champs!!!!!! we will see.