Thursday, October 08, 2009

Lunch date in heaven

Jessica refused to go to school today. I guess she is still sick. When I talked with her teacher she said Jessica had a bad day yesterday. She thought Jessica should stay home the rest of the week. While I was making lunch, Jess went up to my room to lay down. I can not smell a thing because of my cold. Her diaper was leaking. So the end of the story includes at least 3 loads of dirty laundry (her bed stuff and mine). Then Sarah comes home with a note saying they have lice again in the school. So I might as well wash Sarah's bed stuff too. Jessica dug into my purse. I had a journal with a hand written note from Juergen mom. I found this note on the hall floor. I almost tossed it out...thinking it was just paper. She wrote the note when she was very sick, and could not talk any more. It says that she will look forward to eating with Jessica one day (I'm guessing in heaven). I believe this was the last thing Waltraud ever wrote. She lost her battle to the tumor 3 months later. When I think about Jessica’s future, I always remember the promise God gave Waltraud. He spoke to her one day and said Jessica would always be given what she needs. So far God has kept that promise, and I have no reason to doubt him now. I can not smell the stinky laundry. My washing machine is very large. I'm just going to do the laundry, I'm not going to let it phase me. Stuff like this use to really bother me. I miss Waltraud. I look forward to the time we have lunch together. And as I have I often thought, Jessica will do all the talking. I'm sure Waltraud will agree that's just how it should be.

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