Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a hard day

I wanted the kids to clean up there rooms before we have a Dr here tomorrow. Sarah cleaned her room right away. It took her 10 minutes. She even swept the floor. 5 hours later and the boys are still not done. They finally ended up fighting so much I said forget it. Just forget it! Oh, I also said I would take them to toys r us on my birthday. I often buy them something new during vacation time. Anyway, they couldn't manage to finish the job. So Sarah goes to toys r us and they don't. They only played and fought. I even helped them for a half hour. Jess was also a big challenge today. I feel so stressed out...and so defeated. Will they ever grow up to be responsible men? Will they ever manage to keep a job? They are so good at blaming each other. Why do I feel so defeated? I would have been so happy to reward them for a job well done. Sarah gets the reward, and the boys will just hate me!


Rick Moreno said...

Despite the resistance, despite the selfishness of your boys right now, the day will come when you will see the fruit of your labor and effort to shape these guys into men. The choice you are making for Jessica is the choice to keep her with the family. That's an amazing honor and priveledge you have. I'm glad you have that choice. It's wonderful that you do have a choice. I want to acknowledge your birthday even if you don't. I love you and I am proud that you are my sister and my valued friend. Take a moment to celebrate another year. You make a difference to your kids and Jurgen's life and all whom your extended family and friends. I love you.

Dianna said...

you should take some time to stop and have a cup of coffee and smell the roses. Boys will be boys. Have a good birthday I know you might want to but It will all work out. Just put it in Gods hands. We love you and so do the kids and Jurgen take care of you everything else will fall into place.

Jill W said...

Oh, I can relate to how you feel. There are days I really wonder what the heck I am doing & why. What's the point?? Only God knows. He gave you such an important job. You may not see the progress & fruits of your labor, but He does. Keep it going....you inspire so many others!

Happy Birthday to you! Celebrate YOU today! Take 5 minutes for yourself--or more if you can:)

I count you as one of my blessings. Happy Birthday, Amy!!!