Thursday, October 29, 2009

old farm house

This video is about the old German farm house. It had room for pigs, chickens and a very large garden. Today I went to see an old German farm house (built in the 1800's). It has a chicken coop and pig pins and rabbit pins. There is even a very large wine cellar. It needs some work but I love it. You can walk to the S-ban station in 5 minutes (that's the fast train). The kids could be in Heidelberg in only 15 minutes. The neighborhood is very nice, much nicer then ours. I have a half dozen friends in the area. I have to take Juergen to see the place next week. I just don't know if we can sell our house, or afford the renovations. It's not a very big house...but big enough. The garden is huge. The storage space is also huge (2 barns). You could do so much with this place (if you had the time and money). I don't have many photos. The battery was dead on my camera. The kids loved it! Sarah is ready to keep rabbits (but they kept rabbits for food on a farm , not for pets). The neighbors have a giant trampoline and swings and a sandbox in their yard. I guess kids live next door. That's a very good sign. The grave yard is directly behind the house. It is very quite and peaceful. I totally love the place!

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