Friday, October 02, 2009

Rio de Janeiro Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm so glad the 2016 Olympics is going to Brazil! Sorry you can not! Now maybe he will think about doing his job. Do you know that trip cost America 1.5 million dollars? He spends 15 hours flying to Europe to ask for the Olympics, but has only talked to his top general one time in 7 months. He has time to be on Letterman, but no time to manage the war? What was he thinking? I know he has a very hard job, but he gives the perception that he cares more about being on TV then being in the board room doing the "hard" work of his office. I think he better get out of the "spot light" and get some stuff done. Really, he really does have a hard job. I hope for America and the world that he stays home, opens his ears to wisdom and sticks to a short list of only the most important things. He tries to do too much. Rio is a very beautiful city, I’m glad they won!

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Shelley said...

I'm glad Rio got it as well. I felt Brazil should have it because they never had it before. Leo my son in law was really excited about it.
I was glad that the Olympic committee wasn't influenced by the US so called big influencers. I think they are indispensable. After all the Olympic's is a world wide event not an American event.