Tuesday, October 06, 2009

sadly sick

No breakfast out today. I am sick with Jessica's head cold. Juergen has to go to 3 more parent teacher meetings tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday night. So sad! I love Juergen and even like him after 19 years of marriage. I like him allot!!! I guess that's really all that matters. He let me sleep in, he is so wonderful! So I smell like Vicks vapor rub, and I can not even kiss him because I don’t want him to get sick. I’ll take a rain check.


Jill W said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Shelley said...

pray you get well soon, happy anniversary.
We we got sick last year for our 30th anniversary we spent a week in Portland in a hotel room taking cold medicine.
So this Disney World trip was our celebration for last year.
Now that we know Eric's mom is Ok hopefully Eric can enjoy the trip now at the water park.